Thank You

Mom and Dad - What is there to say other than I wouldn't be here if it weren't for you. I am blessed to have parents that always encourage and support my decisions in life. Golf wasn't always my passion growing up, but no matter what I wanted to do, there was never a question about doing anything I had my heart and mind set on. I love you so much, and since thank you will never be enough to show my gratitude, I will always put 110% into everything I do.

Alasdair Dyer, Dyer Golf Academy - Thank you for believing in me, showing me what it takes to be a great teacher, making me a better golfer every time we get to work together, but most of all, a better person. You have taught me an incredible amount about the game and the experience I have gained as your student is immeasurable. Your dedication and commitment to your craft is truly inspiring and working with you is privilege and a pleasure. Most of all, I'm blessed to call you and your wife, Katie, friends of mine.

Coastal Carolina Professional Golf Management Program Staff - By far the best staff of professionals I have ever been around. Your love for the game is contagious and you all inspire students to be better golf professionals, but more importantly, better people. The opportunities you grant the student body are endless concerning the game of golf, and I am truly blessed to have graduated from CCU and formed relationships with all of you. 

Coach Larry D'Ellaquilla, Nassau Community College - From the way you coach to the way you connect to your players, it was truly an honor to play for your team in 2010. Your constant availability to your players is an incredible quality and the way you teach the game is classic and simple. Keeping in touch with you over the years has almost served as a psychological relief after a tournament, good or bad. I look forward to keeping you in the loop and hearing your advice for years to come. 

LAST, BUT NOT LEAST - To my brothers, family, and close friends, there aren't words to describe what you all mean to me. Anyone that has shared in or is aware of my passion for the game, your constant love and support has truly been one of the biggest parts of my motivation and perseverance.