theHANGER is a cutting-edge patented design that provides you with both visual and tactile instant feedback.  Whether you practice alone or with an instructor, this swing aid will accelerate the process of building the correct muscle memory for optimal face and path control.



  1. Keeps the clubhead outside your hands.
  2. Ideal for training clubface and path control.
  3. Promotes flat lead wrist at the top of your swing.
  4. Lead wrist flection in transition.
  5. Fixes the over-the-top move, scooping, and prevents the dreaded slice
  6. Dynamic shaft leans through impact.
  7. Promotes correct muscle memory.

PowerUpWedge GOLF

How Does It Work?

The Power Up Wedge is a personalized training device for baseball, softball, golf or cricket that allows the individual player to understand their lower ½ and introduces them to the responsibility of the lower ½ and the importance it plays in the success of each and every hitter, pitcher, athlete. The Power Up Wedge is a DIRECT link to better balance, stability, core awareness and strength, presenting today’s player with unmatched feel and a keen synchronization of mind and body, allowing the muscle memory to come quick.

Once you fasten the Wedge to either front foot or back foot, your lower ½ is ready to drive you to untapped levels of success by training you to be an ATHLETE and giving you an opportunity to make an immediate impact.

Putting Gate System by 5 Dudes Golf

The idea of the Putting Gate System (PGS) evolved when the professional golfer sought the expertise and knowledge of the PGA professional who specializes in putting. Together, they immediately began working on a solution and focused their energy to create a putting aid now known as the PGS. Over a long period of time, the PGS was perfected and they experienced first-hand the instant and consistent results. Knowing they were on to something, they approached the businessmen who quickly recognized the need, benefit, and potential. The 5Dudes unanimously agreed the putting aid was a winner.

Pro Head 2 Trainer by Forever Better Golf


The PRO-HEAD Trainer (PHT) is a patented, full swing training aid that has three basic parts: 1. a base or platform that must be weighted with water or sand; 2. a vertical pole for height adjustment and 3. an arm with a foam rubber attachment or hat attachment that serves as the fixed reference point to provide immediate tactile feedback on faulty swing movements.  When in use, the PHT looks like a teacher reaching out with his arm with a club in hand, to give instruction to his student.

The PHT gives golfers immediate feedback on whether or not they are maintaining their spine angles and keeping their heads behind the ball through impact.  By placing their heads against a foam rubber cylinder, which serves as a fixed reference point, and maintaining slight pressure against the foam, golfers are able to gain a repeatable and consistent swing that they can take from their PHT to the golf course.


  1. Works for any putter (lefties included!)
  2. Adjustable for any lie angle/eye position
  3. Helps user align eyes over the ball, line up the face of the putter, and make better contact for a truer roll
  4. Helps coaches with putting analysis (ADD LINK TO MY PUTTING ANALYSIS HERE)
  5. 100 % Made in the USA
  6. Weighs only 1.2 oz

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Bixtar Golf Balls


Bixtar SL’s new precision design provides optimal spin, distance, and control to improve the game of all-level golfers.

This game-changing ball features a newly engineered ionomer cover that provides an exceptionally soft feel. In the past, golfers sacrificed distance for a softer feel, but that is no longer the case. We have managed to combine both to provide a Softer Feel & Longer Distance.

  • Designed in the USA
  • New modified ionomer cover using cutting-edge technology
  • 432 aerodynamic dimple design for in-flight stability
  • 2-piece construction for extraordinary distance
  • Much Softer Feel than most 2-piece balls
  • Optimal spin rate for excellent greenside control
  • Low/Medium spin off the drive
  • Medium/High spin off the iron
  • Conforms with the USGA and R&A

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Michael Midgette, PGA
(646) 739-2227

"Golf is deceptively simple, yet endlessly complicated."

- Arnold Palmer