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Founder of Blocks Performance (Strength & Conditioning)

Certified in Fitness since 2006, with over 10 years experience.

Works directly with athletes from all levels including UFC, PGA, NCAA div 1 Lacrosse, Soccer, and Volley Ball. Also does consulting for NCAA Football and Baseball.

Matthew has a strong focus on optimizing movement and posture to create a more well rounded athlete. He forms athletes that will be able to flourish in a custom designed strength and conditioning program; not only to improve performance, but also build the necessary resiliency to help mitigate injury along the way.


Serving as head strength and conditioning coach for UFC welterweight Randy “Rude Boy” Brown.

Aspiring PGA Tour Pro and PGA Member Michael Midgette

**Website for Blocks Fitness COMING SOON**


Golf State of Mind (Mental Performance Coach)

David MacKenzie is a Performance Coach and the founder of Golf State of Mind.

While studying at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland, David began in depth research into sport psychology and how elite performers apply their minds to practice and play. He interviewed hundreds of elite golfers and sport psychologists. He shared what he discovered via his website, Golf State of Mind and it quickly resonated with golfers of all levels.

David was able to effectively communicate the mental and emotional issues that most golfers face on the golf course. The website quickly became one of the most popular mental game resources for golf on The Web and David was able to utilize his audience by testing and proving new ways for golfers to reach “the peak performance” state more frequently.

David now works with players of all levels (and coaches), and has had a huge amount of success with his system. His mental coaching system is taught one on one (in person or remotely), in groups, and via his mental game training products. The system develops mental toughness, improves emotional control and teaches golfers how to stay focused on what’s most important.

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Physical Therapist

Bryan is an outpatient Orthopedic Physical Therapist who works out of Orlando, FL. He received his Doctorate in Physical Therapy from the University of South Florida (USF)  in 2016 and his Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences from the University of Central Florida (UCF) in 2013.  Currently, Bryan is certified in Sound Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization and has a goal to become an Orthopedic Certified Specialist (OCS) in the future.

Previously, Bryan played lacrosse for the UCF club team for 4 years. Starting 3 of his 4 seasons there, he went on to receive All- Conference honors, Scholar- Athlete Honors, and 2013 Inside Lacrosse Men’s Collegiate Lacrosse Associate Academic All-American.

Through his time as a physical therapist, he has experience working with Division 1 athletes, NBA, LPGA,  high school athletes, youth athletes and recreational athletes. Bryan has experience with a vast amount of surgeries and injuries across the human body. He has a strong focus on maximizing controlled mobility and joint stability to promote optimal movement and proper healing of the tissue.



Advocare Advisor (Nutrition)

Bianca Hartman is based in Wilmington, NC but is originally from the U.K.  A busy Mom, wife and wannabe Crossfitter, she has spent the last 20 years working in the wellness industry. A former gym owner and franchise developer she now offers realistic life coaching for individuals and business owners in all aspects of wellness by optimizing nutrition through safe supplementation.

An independent Advocare distributor, Bianca has been recognized for her leadership and results by Advocare which has lead to training from the corporate team and key members of the sports advisory council.

Bianca works with athletes, weekend warriors, Moms, Dads and senior citizens by developing personalized programs to meet their goals physically; By teaching people how to better understand food as an energy source and how to optimize fuel for for performance and recovery. Also weaving in safe supplementation to enhance results overall.

Bianca also offers business development and coaching for those wishing to introduce a trusted and effective revenue stream to their business or household.

Click here to e-mail Bianca for your own FREE assessment and learn how you could benefit from Bianca’s knowledge.

Use the subject line: I want to improve my golf game with your nutrition insight!


Director of Instruction, Dyer Golf Academy

The Dyer Golf Academy is located in the Heart of the Grand Strand at Barefoot Resort & Golf in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Providing guests and locals with a perfect location for golf instruction and wonderful Myrtle Beach, South Carolina Golf Instructors.

Alasdair and his team of teaching professionals enjoy catering to each players unique needs. Lessons at the Dyer Golf Academy are about teaching you how to improve your game by improving your practice habits as well as your on course abilities.

Alasdair has been at Barefoot since 2007 and is the Director of Instruction for the Golf School. Alasdair grew up in Sussex, England where he enjoyed a highly prestigious Amateur career winning many national tournaments before he turned professional. Your game is in the best hands possible.

From Michael Midgette: “I have been working with Alasdair since 2012 and view Alasdair as my coach, and mentor. His knowledge of the game is far beyond any instructor I have ever worked with and I look forward to working with him for many more years.”


Michael Midgette, PGA
(646) 739-2227

"Golf is deceptively simple, yet endlessly complicated."

- Arnold Palmer