HUDL technique

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The app your pro uses and trusts!

You will be sent a link upon sign up to download the FREE HUDL Technique Golf App. For a look at how this app works, click here to visit my YouTube Page. 

This app is great for analyzing any part of a student's game, and is the easiest to use as far as receiving swings and sending out immediate analyses. As you will see in the video on my YouTube channel, your coach will receive a notification when a student uploads a swing. They can then view it, analyze it, and also send it back almost immediately, along with a drill or two I have for you. Not only that, but you will also be recommended a training aid to use to help you with your swing troubles and your drills. 

A few guidelines for filming:

  • PLEASE make sure you're recording and then sending only one swing at a time, and your video is no more than 10 seconds long! It slows download speeds tremendously if they are any longer than that.
  • PLEASE make sure your ENTIRE swing is in the shot, from face-on and down-the-line! Without the full arc/motion in the video, it will be difficult to send you a correct analysis.
  • PLEASE make sure the camera is as still as possible. To avoid a shaky cameraman, or leaning your phone against something on a windy day (compromising a proper recording angle), CLICK HERE to order your SelfieGolf Holster then view this video on how to set it up properly!

Finally, you can view these analyses anytime - even if you aren't taking online lessons anymore! As long as you still have the HUDL app, you will have your analyses for your own research and reference.