my bio

Michael Midgette, PGA Class A Instructor

Certified in Teaching and Coaching

I am originally from New York, born on Long Island, and grew up playing ice hockey, always wanting to play in the NHL. I didn’t show a serious interest in golf until the 2002 US Open was at Bethpage State Park, when I was 15 years old (I turn 30 Oct 2017). I immediately fell in love with the game after watching the best in the world that week, and went straight to the driving range down the street after the completion of the first round. That winter, I attended a week-long holiday camp in Hilton Head Island conducted by the International Junior Golf Academy. They pitched the idea to my parents and I of attending their boarding school for the rest of the school year. So, I stopped playing hockey I got all signed up, finished my junior and senior year of high school attending classes in the morning, then receiving instruction in the afternoons, and playing in weekend, nationwide junior golf tournaments once or twice a month.

Before I continue, my appreciation for the sacrifices my parents made in order for me to attend such a place goes beyond any words I can say. I had a successful junior career, winning multiple times in the MetPGA Section Junior Tournaments, winning the Long Island PubLinks in 2008 on Bethpage Black, following that up with a runner up finish in 2010 (losing in a playoff). After graduating high school, I attended Coastal Carolina University’s Professional Golf Management Program, took a year off to become a first team all-American with Nassau Community College, finishing fourth individually at NJCAA nationals in 2009. I then finished up at Coastal Carolina with my Class A membership to the PGA in 2011.

That’s when I turned professional, and have been competing in mini tour events worldwide since. My lowest professional tournament round is 65 (6x), I have won 3 times on the MinorLeague Tour in south Florida, finishing top 15 on the money list in 2013, and my best finish on the SwingThought Tour is a solo 2nd (67-74-68), coming earlier in 2017.

I have been working with an instructor in Myrtle Beach, SC by the name of Alasdair Dyer, whom I started with in 2012. He has been my coach, mentor, and a great friend ever since. I get the question sometimes, “wait, Mike, aren’t you a professional golfer?” Yes. “Aren’t you Certified in Teaching and Coaching?” Yes, I am. But I also believe that the journey never stops. Golf is a game where you can learn something new every day, and even the best players in the world have a coach. I never want to stop learning, and taking swing advice from someone who has been doing this for 20+ years, coaching everyone from beginners to tour professionals, is definitely someone I can learn from.

Remember that driving range I mentioned I went to after the first round of the US Open? Well, that’s where my goal of playing on the PGA Tour was developed, and that’s also where my goal of opening my own golf academy started as well. I started teaching there in 2015, outside of competition. I was able to grow my clientele to over 200 golfers in 2.5 years and taught over 1,000 lessons (full swing, short game, playing lessons, etc.). I received my Certification in Teaching and Coaching in July of 2017. Teaching has truly become just as big of a passion as playing the game has. Unfortunately, the driving range I grew up at and started my teaching career at shut down operation shortly after I received my certification, which forced me to make a decision of where to go to next.

I am now in south Florida, playing competitively, and bringing the golfing community tips and drills through a few platforms, including GolfTrainingAids.Com. I still one day would like to open my own all-inclusive golf learning center, but in the meantime, I have developed an extremely effective way for golfers of all abilities to learn and improve via my website that I designed, with my Online Golf Academy at GoGolfOnline.Com.

I am forever grateful for the opportunities I have been blessed with, the people I have met along the way, and really look forward to growing the game the best way I can. Thank you for taking the time to read my bio and I look forward to this journey.

Go Golf. Play Better. TRUST THE PROCESS!